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Meditation is the art of becoming familiar with oneself and and it helps to develop the self awareness required to release limiting habits, patterns, and beliefs.
Scientific studies prove that developing a daily meditation practice is one of the  most powerful things we can do to improve our overall wellness and quality of life. This Challenge is for anyone who would like to experience the benefits of meditation and would like some support and guidance in doing so.  Meditation is a trainable skill, the more you practice the better you will get. You will Join Steve three times a week for three weeks on Zoom to receive personal coaching to help you develop the skill, strengthen your focus and build your confidence.
Every session there will include a guided meditation, follow up, feedback and a breakdown of the principles and fundamentals of meditation making it easy for you to practice at home as you develop and deepen your practice. You will receive a recorded guided meditation from Steve to practice other days of the week.
You will be supported, encouraged and held accountable for your practice, as you remove blockages and optimize your relationship with your own mind.

About Steve Comer

1992 yılında University of Centerbury’den İşletme Mühendisi olarak mezun olmuştur. 2000 yılından bu yana ilgi duyduğu Enerji Tıbbı, psikoloji, hipnoz, Gestalt ve deneyimsel sanat terapisi konularında aldığı eğitimlerin ardından 2007 yılında Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe’dan mezun oldu. Daha sonra 2009 yılında BBSH Advanced Studies ve 2011 yılında BBSH Teacher Training eğitimlerini bitirdi. Geleneksel Tıp ve Tamamlayıcı Steve is a worldwide renewed workshop leader, educator, energy therapist and meditation teacher.
He studied chiropractic, neuroscience, neuroanatomy, behavior sciences, hypnotherapy, Budizm and Psycho Neurobiology. Internationally, Steve became recognized for his capacity to inspire audiences and transform the way people look at and relate to their minds, their bodies and their lives. he is teaching meditation for 20 years.
He has worked with performers, athletes and celebrities and facilitated hundreds of workshops and retreats.
He is the Co-founder and educator of YOUniversity School of You