We cannot find our way to freedom without genuinely knowing ourselves by becoming aware of our unconscious self. We are both the program and the programmer. The more you know yourself, the more you can integrate the subconscious and unconscious parts of yourself that are limiting you with patterns of limitation and conflict. This integration of oneself is the foundation of a life well lived.

A life lived in vitality, coherence, intelligence, beauty, love and fulfillment.


YOUniversity is an 18 week program where you explore all the ways that life is teaching you about YOU! It is a multidisciplinary, trauma informed, evidence based school of empowerment that is designed for you to explore the fundamentals of self-work and self-transformation. You will be learning about the different affects and archetypes that run the show called “everyday life” and how to transform your experience of it.

YOUniversity is a reset button on your life, that can only press when you are ready to own and take responsibility for what you are creating as your life experience.

YOUniversity is going to guide you getting to know your true nature and support you in expressing the most authentic, genuine expression of you.

We created this curriculum based on years of experience in both group and private sessions as well as thousands of hours of education from diverse institutions, workshops and trainings. Our purpose is to create a trauma informed perspective that brings Energy Medicine, Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences, Neuroscience together to give you tools and resources to become familiar with your energy field, your patterns of limitation and help you develop your perceptions and raise your vibration by being more present in your day to day life.



Becoming so familiar with your habits, reactions, reflexes, tendencies, strengths and weaknesses that you are no longer the effect of your subconscious conditioning, your environment and perception of time.

Self-awareness is key to becoming psychologically and physically balanced.

Learning about your own inner conflicts can be very empowering to get to know YOU!












YOUniversity Educators

YOUniversity is for everybody who is seeking integration, connection and fulfillment in all aspects of life. YOUniversity is for you if you are willing to take responsibility for what you are choosing and creating as life experiences.

The curriculum is designed to empower individuals who are tired of spinning around in the same patterns.

Those who are going through crisis and in need of new mindset and new perspective. It is for anyone who is going through a transition in their life and requires safety and support.









You can expect to let go of your expectations! Because your expectations will keep you in your conditioned mind.

Your conditioned mind will look for the familiar patterns but there is no growth in the familiar. You will learn to embrace uncertainty and to be comfortable in the uncomfortable.

Once you start to awaken to your unconscious mind, you will connect with the natural desire to learn more about yourself!

YOUniversity is for you

if you are willing to take responsibility for what you are creating as your life experiences.

Please reach out if you need more information. We are here to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

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