Leave everything you think you know behind you and become an explorer of your own consciousness.

Sintia Mazon

Co-founder & Educator / PhD in Complementary Health Sciences/ Brennan Integration Practitioner

A passionate individual and avid learner driven by her curiosity, Sintia started her career as an entrepreneur on computer learning in the 90s and shifted her path with the new millennia to Energy Healing, Psychology and Complementary and Alternative healing modalities. At this time she also had a busy household with three babies and as many pets.
Her new aspirations and passion for studying energy healing brought her to the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

For many years she indulged in furthering her studies in meditation, gestalt psychology, homeopathy, family constellation. Eventually creating her own healing practice where she hit the ground running and has been in high demand ever since continually expanding her influence as a healing presence and gifted therapist.

YOUniversity was founded with her trusted friends and colleagues Ozlem and Steve Comer who were sharing the same dream.


Oz Comer

Co-founder & Educator / Energy Psychology / Bioenegetics / Functional Medicine / HeartMath Clinical Practitioner

She is a visionary and a space holder whose passion is bringing the elements together. She had an intense interest for ancient esoteric knowledge and plant medicine so that she used to have dreams of being the medicine woman in the tribe since her earliest ages which manifested as her soul mission later in her life. She started her career as an entrepreneur, co-founded and ran her conceptual design agency until she had her son. Her baby came to her with serious health challenges and also brought her a gift; her new devotion of Healing Sciences in 2002.

Today she has an extensive background in teaching and practicing Energy Medicine, two decades of study and service in Vibrational Medicine, Bioenergetics, Holistic Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Psycho-Somatic Modalities.

Steve Comer

Co-founder & Educator/ Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) / Brain Health Trainer, Cognitive and  Behavior Sciences

Steve has always had a dream of being a voice and influence for change and transformation in the world. His fascination with human behavior, human relationships and the dynamics of the mind have guided him in becoming an internationally sought after speaker, workshop leader, educator and consultant.

Internationally, Steve became recognized for his capacity to inspire audiences and transform the way people look at and relate to their minds, their bodies and their lives. He has worked with performers, athletes and celebrities and facilitated hundreds of workshops and retreats.


YOUniversity is an 18-week program

where you explore all the ways that life is teaching you about YOU!  It is a multidisciplinary, trauma informed, evidence based school of empowerment that is designed for you to explore the fundamentals of self-work and self-transformation.


You can expect to let go of your expectations! Expectations will keep you in your conditioned mind.


You will learn to embrace uncertainty and to be comfortable in the uncomfortable.


You will be learning to upgrade your physiology by integrating your mind and becoming an engineer of your own genetic expression.