A holistic mind body and soul alignment program with Özlem Comer

We cannot understand ourselves without knowing the ecology of our body and the systems that make us who we are, and we cannot create sustainable change without understanding ourselves.

In my 21-Day Program, you will learn the cutting edge information that will help you understand your own biology and your brain chemistry. You will also learn tools and embodiment practices to help you have a deeper connection with your body. It will get easier to be aware what is or what is not working for you so that you can build a conscious lifestyle to help you thrive.

About Özlem Comer 

Özlem is a visionary. Her curiosity and passion about discovering human potential led her begin her studies In Healing Sciences since 2002

She specializes in Energy Medicine, Resonance Sciences, Energy Psychology, Somatic approaches, Functional medicine, Functional Nutrition and  HeartMath Clinical Interventions.

She is the co-founder of Niagara Wellness and YOUniversity School of You, which was created with the vision of bringing Energy Medicine as a complementary modality in the medical field. Since 2011, she has been teaching her signature Wellness Kitchen workshops to woman to help them deepen their connection with food and their bodies.

In her psychical practice in Sarasota Florida, and on YOUniversity Online  Platform, she works with her clients  integrating the principles of Functional Medicine, Positive Psychology, Energy Medicine, Vibration Medicine and Functional Nutrition.

"I participated in Özlem's REFRESH program before and learned a lot in 21 days. She created a very friendly environment and presented very useful information that became my building blocks to create a healthy lifestyle. I really liked how she explained very complex topics in a simple and fun way. My worries about my health gradually disappeared and I was reminded that everything has a solution and everything is recoverable. At the end of the program I felt like I had finished reading 10 books. I still practice the exercises she taught me every day. Infinite Gratitudes. 


Mine C



There is so many other things we need to do beyond using vitamins to boost our immune system.

We will increase our knowledge about Inflammation, Microbiome, Mitochondrial Health and Food Intolerances. We will learn how to cooperate with the body's wisest mechanisms?



We are all biologically unique. How well do you know your body?

How is your relationship with real foods, phytonutrients that nourish all your systems?

Are you ready to learn about the neuroscience of nutrition, the principles of Mindful and Intuitive Eating and design your own nutrition plan?


Hormones, the communication chemicals of our systems, regulate many functions in the body. Do you know your hormones? Do you know that hormones signals your impulses and emotions? How can we re-align with the body's natural cycle? How do energy and vibrational medicine methods support us?


No matter how well we eat, if we don't organize our minds, we inhibit many biological functions. Are you ready to question our relationship with stress and meet the neurotransmitters that determine your mood?


If we do not get quality sleep, all our other functions will be compromised. Would you like to explore the science of sleep and how to improve overall sleep hygiene ?


" The Recharge program has helped me to look at my lifestyle with awareness .."

Ozlem helped me understand the importance of seeing my body through a lens of compassion

Recharge has improved the quality of my life with cutting edge information, up-to-date suggestions, and Özlem's sweet expression"



"Recharge is energy medicine! "

I learned to respect my body the way it is. I realized I did not know how to be compassionate with myself.

I realized that daily routines have a huge impact on my life. All systems of the body influence others systems. She helped me understand it and how important it is to listen to your own biology. I am grateful for Ozlem for reminding me that I can live my life with presence and in a more connected way.


Menopause Wisdom with Ozlem Comer

Menopause is the sum of all the hormonal, emotional and mental changes that occur in the female body at the end of the fertility cycle. During this workshop, we will talk about the details you want to know about menopause, premenopause, perimenopause, and the ways to consciously prepare our body and energy for this period of change.
Some topics from the training:
What does being a woman mean to you?
Effects of hormones on our mood and biochemistry
Symptoms of sex hormones imbalance
Premenopause and Menopause nutrition
Reducing toxic load
Nutritional supplements for sleep disturbance, libido, brain fog and memory issues
Energy balancing exercises
Heart and brain harmony
The content of the training was created with the approaches of Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition.